Heritage Games Studio does have it´s own place… kind off. New home office will be located in our cow barn, sometimes called a She shed. My place is big really really really big and have fascinating history. There used to be a music studio there. We have managed to find some master record and few posters of a band called Stix.

I have been working there last year as most of my courses were held remotely. It was cool to have own office, in a different place than my own home, but on winter it turned out to be weirdly cold there. Just on the level of my knees temperature was dropping even to 13 degrees, while above my knees it was even 25 degrees.

This was the moment when we decided to make a renovation and we have found a huge hole in the wall. It was nicely hidden, and a bit closed, but well, when time passed by, wool and blanks got broken and easily let the cold air in. Now we work to make this place as cool and fun as possible!

This is my office few weeks ago. Pure demolishing! The walls were stripped down and isolated, we have demolished even this floor, and made new straight one! It will be beautiful right??? It will be beautiful… someday ;D

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