Digital Strategy Workshop

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Here is the link to Workshop diary. Open the link and copy or download it for your personal use. Feel free to do whatever you like with it 😉 You can fill slides on the presentation, or write the answers on paper. Do what feels better for you!

We will be using also digital whiteboard called Invision board. The link is in the presentation, but I will post it here too.

Day 1

Me, museum and digital.

1.       Introduction, setting group rules. (30 min)

2.       Getting to know who we are.

Exercise: Individual digital activities, Understanding Digital Activities. (45 minutes)

3.       Museum (120 min)

Team will create a file which will describe:

a.       Basic information about the Middelaldercentret

b.       Mission and vision

c.       Structure

d.       Visitors

4.       Design thinking and design mindset. (30 min.)

5.       Museum by design (about 120-180 minutes)

Exercise: Sightseeing the museum as a visitor.

Exercise: Sightseeing the museum as a designer.

6.       Summarising the day and writing thoughts. (30 minutes)

Day 2

Idea generation.

Based on experiences from sightseeing the museum.

1.       Audience segmentation (60 min).

Exercise: Who visits museums and why? Who is not visiting the museum and why?

2.       Personas (30 min)

Exercise: Making different personas of visitors.

3.       Idea generation (120 min)

Exercise: Making scenario of typical visit, Targets and User Journey.

4.       Introduction to designing digital solutions. (80 min)

Discussion about how to design for museum purposes, measuring success, analytics etc.

5.       Gamification, games, apps. (140 min)

Exercise: Creating digital solution – game design canvas.

Day 3

Prototyping and testing.

Based on exercises with creating game design canvas.

1.     Continuing exercise from the day before – Creating digital solution -game design canvas.

2. Creating brief for digital solution provider.

3.  Making prototypes. (whole day)

4. Testing. (120 min)

Day 4 Wednesday 17.08.2022

Creating Digital Strategy.

1.       Creating projects in Digital Strategy. (180 min)

2.       Summarising the workshops. (30 min)

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