What is a Game Design Document (GDD)?

It is a document which is describing the whole concept of the game. It can be structured in a different ways so that it will fit to the game idea. Usually it is changing while developing the game. It keeps the most important information about the game and helps the team of designers understand each other. Making it is crucial for the project, as it helps to organize the idea and gives structure to the game.

ArkeoSysmä GDD is describing how the game should look like, amount of levels, what they will work and what information and what types of artifacts it will have. I have decided that I will not yet choose particular artifacts because some of them might be on different exhibitions while developing this game. In that case it will be much easier and more flexible to change the artifact than wait till it will come back from exhibition.

Please click this link to be able to read ArkeoSysmä GDD.

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